Who We Are?

About Plus Minus Lab, we are the top trending brand.

With years of experience in branding for commercial corporations, Plus Minus Lab is created. The brand is the new attitude is to fill in where is lacking and to solve an issue. In simple words, improving lives by obtaining positivity and eliminating negativity.

What We Provide?
About Plus Minus Lab, we are a skincare and beyond the brand. Apart from the benefits and enjoyment, you attain from products, the goal of the brand is to give individuals extra confidence, encouragement, strength, and positivity to everyone.
How This Product Values?

Our products are formulated with the intense knowledge of aromatherapy and modern botany which infuses traditional, natural ingredients and new ingredients created through scientific discovery. These ingredients are sourced globally and approved by the most stringent authorities. Our formulas are formulated and tested in renowned laboratories in France, Thailand, Hong Kong Singapore, China (Shanghai) and Malaysia.

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About Plus Minus Lab