Rose³ Gift Set


All the items are packed in a classy box which makes the gift presentable that will make anyone feel loved.
Forget the bouquet, this gift set is blooming wonderful!

The set includes:
x  Rose³ 42ml Hand & Body Cream
x  Rose³ 500ml Aromatherapy Shower Gel
x  Rose³ 500ml Aromatherapy Wholesome Shampoo
x  Rose³ Premium Shower Pouf
x  Rose³ Quartz Pendant



Rose³ Gift Set

Rose³ Collection Gift Set is the beauty essential All-in-One to nourish the body, mind, soul, and skin from the morning through tonight. The perfect pampering gift, leaves you smelling like a giant bouquet of roses.

What’s inside?

  • Rose³ 500ml Wholesome Shampoo (1x)
  • Rose³ 500ml Bath & Shower Gel (1x)
  • Rose³ 42ml Hand & Body Cream (2x)
  • Rose³ Premium Shower Pouf (1x)

Lather up our Wholesome Shampoo in this gift set, close your eyes and soak up its musky-rose-smelling goodness and locks all day long. It leaves your hair looking shinier and more radiant and help protect it from daily pollution. Your hair feels softer, smoother, healthier and as light as air.

Soap, bubble and cleanse that beautiful body with our sparkling Shower Gel and the perfect duo, gently buff away dead skin with our Premium Shower Pouf. It gently exfoliates and cleanses your skin.

Hop out, towel dry and slather that body with a dollop of our creamy, Hand & Body Cream. It leaves skin feeling softer, smoother and nourished with moisture.

Squeeze out a pea-sized dollop of our light, gel-cream formula and massage into palms and pinkies. It absorbs quickly and helps hands and cuticles feel softened and protected.


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